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April 10, 2012 / mrchickaloonbaer

In the Beginning

Dear Reader With Nothing Better To Do,

Here I go, attempting to write a post for the beginning of the blog.  I put part of the blame on Eowyn Ivey, as she has encouraged me to blog when we take a trip.  I put the rest of the blame on me for thinking it possible, maybe Jenny gets a tad bit for her encouragement.  I do like to journal our trips and a blog will require I put more forethought into the writing, plus when anyone asks about our travels, I’ll just refer them to the blog, cuts down on repeating myself.

Leaving April in Alaska, where the multitude of raptors coming down the Matanuska flyway tell us it’s spring, as do the lengthening daylight hours.  It’s no longer dark when we go to soak in the hot tub at 10PM.  Afternoon temperatures reach into the 40s, the driveway and roads are almost free of snow, but take one step into the snow pack and you sink to the knees.  Will we be free of snow by the middle of May?

Heading to Arizona, by way of a red eye flight tonight, the positive is it gets into Phoenix at 9:30AM, where we will jump into a rental, navigate our way North towards Sedona, to the small town of Jerome, which sits at over 5,000′.  I see a cold front is predicted to hit Arizona, it may only be in the upper 50s in Jerome for the first days of our stay, still should feel warm to us Alaskans.  Probably better to be cooler, than have our tongues hanging to the ground.

Stay tuned if you so desire, if anything to see if Mr. Baer continues to ramble, I already find it a pain to keep checking on spelling and punctuation, didn’t have to do that with a personal journal.  

Over and out to the land of the cactus wren.Image





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