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April 16, 2012 / mrchickaloonbaer

We Made It!

4/11, Tuesday night – Wednesday

Tuesday evening, we arrived at Anchorage Airport corresponding with the arrival of Adrian’s friend, Jen from Arkansas.  How convenient, parents are away, open house in Chickaloon, – there goes my home brew. Bella will be happy.  Through the new security scanning machine, what a waste, as it they still had to pat down parts that showed shadows on the screen.  There were several hours waiting for departure, spent an hour at Humpys for an airport priced beer and wine.  Much to our surprise, the plane boarded and departed early, beat the head winds they claimed.  3 ½ hours later, an hour or two of semi-stupor, we arrived in Portland to catch a plane to Phoenix, which  boarded promptly, then sat for an hour and a half with a burned out light bulb, which brings to mind: “How many mechanics does it take to change a light bulb?”  The good news, there was a replacement bulb; we didn’t have to get off the plane.   Jenny and I each dozed off into a quick coma, waking for the coffee cart, arriving in Phoenix at 11:00AM.  Luggage came quickly, a skip and a jump over to the car rental center, with a quick grab of a car, then a dash up Highway 17 through masses of Phoenix traffic, getting out to the country with 75mph speed limits. We left   the saguaros and blooming ocotillos behind, replaced by junipers and smaller cacti, steadily climbing to a pass of 5,000’ before descending to the valley of the Verde River.  We took a left to Jerome, making a stop at a Safeway to revive ourselves with lattes and provisions for our rental at the Blue Moon Cottage.  Getting to Jerome required navigating 5 round-a-bouts (I might actually become proficient navigating a roundabout) then up a winding road to meet Leigh, the owner of the Blue Moon Cottage for a brief tour of the house;

Blue Moon Cottage

Red Rock View From Jerome


“Beware of black widows and brown recluse spiders when removing the cover of the outside grill!”  She is quite the artsy and collector person, having homemade quilts on the walls, an amazing amount of antique plates and other knick knacks (an earthquake would be smashing success in this house) and has a clothing shop in Jerome.  The cottage has views of the Verde River Valley with the red rocks/cliffs of Sedona in the background.  Both of us beginning to fade, revived ourselves with a glass of wine for Jenny and a local Arizona brewed IPA for me.  Oh, the wonders of alcohol.  We drove up the 1/2 mile to a parking lot in the old, copper mining town of Jerome, walked through several shops, one being a really neat rock and mineral shop, might have to go back there.  Temperatures had cooled off to the 60s at 5,000’ Jerome from the 79F in Phoenix. Scattered rain showers with openings of sunshine were the order of the early evening as we partook of dinner at the Haunted Hamburger, 2 for 1 burgers with twice baked potatoes, nothing to rave about as were the margaritas, but the view from the outside deck was exquisite with rain showers and sunshine providing rainbows on the distant red rocks.  Conversed with other patrons, you know Jenny, and then back to the cottage, walking to the old cemetery, taking photos of gravesites surrounded with old wrought iron fence from the 1850s.  Iris and paintbrush are blooming as is an apple tree next to the deck, where I was just buzzed by a hummingbird.  7:00 PM in Jerome, Arizona, sun has set, dusk outside, we are crashing for the night.


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