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April 16, 2012 / mrchickaloonbaer

Hanging Out In Jerome

April 12, Thursday


11 hours of sleep, waking to sunrise on the red rocks, opening the door to listen to early morning birdsong, headed out on a walk on a lower road of Jerome which led us to the Historic Park.  Jerome was built around a huge copper mine, along with silver and gold.  A man named Clark financed the mine, doing it privately; we learned he was incredibly wealthy, right up there with Rockefeller.


Top Of 1900' Mine Shaft

One of the mine shafts, 1900’ deep, was partly lit and had a glass cover     one could walk over, kind of eerie. The museum is located in Clark’s mansion with displays of the mining history of Jerome and nearby Clarksdale, mineral displays and a working seismograph and a great view. We followed a gravel road climbing up to downtown Jerome.  We did a bit of browsing of the many art stores, you know Jenny was enjoying herself.  11AM found us at the Flatiron Café for breakfast/lunch outside.   Above us was a 2nd hand store, what more could you ask for, Jenny found herself a “new” corduroy shirt.  I looked at good deals on cowboy boots, but none of them fit.  We walked back to the cottage; Jenny took a side trip to an Artist enclave in the old high school.  I soaked up some rays on the deck, and then we hopped in the car, taking a 9 mile drive west into the mountains on a gravel road.  Cool winds were blowing up high with views of the red rocks, canyons and the 12,000’ San Francisco Peaks.  Back to the cottage, lazing in the bed, reading, Jenny says, “I’m hungry, nothing much in the cottage. Let’s go eat!”   We drove up into Jerome, “Quinces”, the Mexican Restaurant, recommended to us was hopping, packed, okay let’s not go there, “Grapes” also looked full and the Italian place said closed.  Bantering, walking, driving, finding nothing to suit us, heading back to the cottage, past the Italian place, “Belgian Jenny’s” now with an OPEN sign, so it was turn around,  park, walk into a small cafe where two women at a table, said, “Oh, good we won’t be the only ones here!”  To make a long story short, they were teachers from Cleveland, Ohio, the owner, cook and waiter Tom is the president of the Chamber of Commerce, had worked in Alaska, the women from Ohio had been in Savannah last March the same week as us. We all had bottles of Italian wine (Tre Donne), with dinner, got a thorough history of Jerome from Tom, three more people showed up just for the Belgium beer and after conversations diverging off into a myriad of subjects we left 3 hours later at 10PM.  What an evening, to say the least!


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