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April 16, 2012 / mrchickaloonbaer

Red Rock Hiking

April 13, Friday

Red Rock Views

Up at 7, coffee and toast, out at 8, driving some 30 miles to Dry Creek Road in Sedona,  a paved road for a couple of miles past gated brownish adobe style house communities to a forest service road, listed in the book as only suitable for high clearance vehicles.  To an Alaskan, that sounds like a dare, but the book was correct, we weren’t driving the rental on this road!  I had to make the Baer dash into the woods, mostly junipers, a variety of flowers, prickly pear and other cacti, and yes I picked up several stickers in my rush). We walked a mile and half up the rough road to the Devil’s Arch trailhead, then a mile to the arch, easy going for most of it, surrounded on both sides by high canyon red rock walls.  The last part required a scramble up the rocks to the top of the arch, wide enough to park a car, Jenny walked across it. 


Red Rock Photo Moment

We were surprised at the number of people we met (pays to go early) walking up the road to hike the trail.  We drove back in the direction whence we came, taking a right to old town Cottonwood, making a stop at the Verde River Park to snack on cheese, chips and salsa, watching fish in the stream and birds in the trees, before checking out several of the stores in old town, a used book store run by an old eccentric motorcycle riding lady, who had eaten king salmon in Fort Yukon.  I found a good map of the Verde area with trails.  Jenny found a clock store next door, where she bought two wind up old time alarm clocks and visited with the oddball owner and other local characters.  There were clocks in the store made out of a diving flipper, one from a canteen, and one a boot to name just a few.  We checked out the Verde Valley Olive Oil Traders with a huge variety of olive oils and balsamic vinegar to sample, purchasing delicious oil to soak the sourdough bread purchased at the bakery next door.  Found our way back through the roundabouts, to the cottage for a dinner of soup and bread out on the deck.  Could have used a hot tub this evening. 


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