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April 20, 2012 / mrchickaloonbaer

Montezuma Well

April 19, Thursday

Another cloudless morning, sun through the windows provides a reason for keeping this journal; otherwise I would quite literally lose track of time and miss the plane home.  But wouldn’t it be wonderful to have no need for keeping track of the day, have no dates circled on the calendar, heck, have no calendar?  It could happen in the desert.

Another early start, traveling up Big Beaver Road, a decent gravel route, with only a few ranchers’ trucks raising dust.  We took several short hikes, two along flowing creeks with the typical cottonwoods and sycamores, cool spots with varied bird life.  We climbed Sacred Mountain, a butte with a sweeping view.  There is evidence of house pits on the top, exactly what purpose the mountain served is unclear.  It was hot and exposed on top, lots of prickly pear and creosote bush. Then a stop at Montezuma Well, a huge sink hole, where ancient farmers channeled water to their crops, some lived in the limestone cliffs surrounding the well.  The water discharges over a million gallons of water and 600 pounds of dissolved lime every day into Beaver Creek.  Steps led down to the water where interesting creatures live in 76F year round temperatures, amphipods upon which leeches living at the bottom come up at night to feed upon and as do night swimming scorpions.


Montezuma Well

From the Well, Jenny chose to drive to Sedona; she needed one more afternoon of art galleries.  I groused and complained to no avail so when she pulled into an artist enclave with many galleries, shaded with large sycamores, I slowly pulled myself out of my funk.  When we came upon the Oak Creek Brewery for lunch, I grudgingly admitted it was okay.  Now the Brewery food was just fine, but I had to have a sample of the seven beer varieties.  Two things I say positively for their beer, they were served in neat small mugs and the porter was drinkable.  The other six beers fell below average.

Finally we headed back to Camp Verde, the temperature outside had registered 92F; it was time to turn on air conditioning in the car.  We returned to the used Cowboy Store to purchase a pair of boots for the summer wedding, plus Jenny bought two more reins which she will take apart to use as bag handles.  The owner went digging through his store room junk thinking he could find more reins to sell.


The house was pleasant, even in the 90F, we had shut all the shades before we left in the morning.


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  1. Anonymous / May 4 2012 11:05 PM

    So did you buy the boots. This I have to see.

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