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April 21, 2012 / mrchickaloonbaer

Mogollon Rim

April 20, Friday

We drove east of the Verde Valley up the Mogollon Rim, going from scrub land to pine forest.  At Strawberry we drove 5 bumpy miles on Fossil Creek Road and started hiking towards Fossil Springs.  It was mostly downhill on an exposed trail, after a mile Jenny was expressing signs of weariness from the previous days hiking and half a sleepless night.  I convinced her I could go on by myself without perishing.  I walked another two miles, the trail continued downhill towards a deep gorge, before turning around to hoof it back up to Jenny, meditating in the shade of a juniper tree.  Back to the car, I found I was just a mile from the springs; it was getting on the warm side.  Another three miles to the town of Pine, getting meat for dinner, three varieties of Arizona honey at a honey stand and a stop at a quilt store, then back 25 miles to Camp Verde to hang out for the afternoon, naps and watching birds from the shaded deck.  After dinner, we drove two skips and a jump over to Clear Creek Campground to walk along the creek at sunset.   It’s a popular place to walk the dog.





Clear Creek



Raptor From The Deck



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  1. Anonymous / May 4 2012 11:08 PM

    The year Bill & I tried to hike into Fossil Creek, the trail was closed due to dam removal. It is a hike on my list for a return visit. Patti

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