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April 22, 2012 / mrchickaloonbaer

Heat Exhaustion

April 22, Sunday

Our last full day at Camp Verde, we didn’t get the usual early start; the sun was already heating the atmosphere as we drove to Dead Horse Ranch State Park.  There are several man made lagoons, a trail along the Verde River and more trails up into the drier mesa country.  The Arizona heat finally got to us, so we kept to the shade, walking around the lagoons, watching fly fisherpeople, bait casters, hardware spinners, bobber fishers, kids, what have you try to catch trout, bass, catfish or sunnies to no avail.  Redwing blackbirds kept up a constant chatter in the reeds, herons hung out along the lagoon, hawks soared overhead, boat tail grackles loudly cackled, we sweltered, finding shelter under the cottonwoods.  By 11AM it was “Time to hit the road Jack”, for a chocolate malt at the soda shop, then back home to laze in the cool house.  At 5:30PM, 96F, we drove into Camp Verde to the Salt Cellar for pizza, a local dive, where we kibitzed with the locals, drank beer and margaritas and ate Greek pizza by the irrigation ditch until the sunset and temperatures dropped into the 70s.  One of the photos I’m including today reminded us of Pat & Frankie.  These two friendly ladies we met at the park, walking their semi schizoid schnauzer that did allow being petted, but vocalized the entire time.


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  1. Eowyn Ivey / Apr 24 2012 7:09 AM

    Good thing we still have a few patches of snow left up here to cool you down when you come home 🙂

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